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Often play role playing partners know that wearing different darth vader helmets, there will be significant differences in noise. But perhaps many people do not know that the role of the audience on the road can even exceed 115 dB.

For the role-playing actor, the hearing loss is mainly caused by a sound of 85 decibels or more, which is a big problem. A quiet darth vader helmet is really important for you who often play long distance roles.

best darth vader helmet

Wear accessories have also embarked on a fashion journey, this year, the international actors played helmet exhibitions also follow the trend, launched a series of fashion darth vader helmet products: helmet lights built-in, fully computerized, with heart rate monitoring, and all functions included The product.

But intelligence is not the only heads-up for the helmet: bright colors, fashionable prints, special models with winter hats, sunglasses, and full-face masks all participate in the exhibition. We have documented some of the most eye-catching designs.

Top 10 Darth Vader Helmet Of 2018

NameScore(Total 5)SatisfactionPrice
1.SPENCE WILDING signed Full Size Darth Vader Mask
5AAACheck Price
2.Star Wars Ep3 Darth Vader Collectors Helmet
5AAACheck Price
3.Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet
5AAACheck Price
4.Star Wars The Black Series - Darth Vader Helmet
4.8BCheck Price
5.Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask
4.9AACheck Price
6.Star Wars Men's Boba Fett Mask - Darth Vader Helmet
4.6BCheck Price
7.Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet
4.8ACheck Price
8.Darth Vader Helmet 2 Piece Star Wars Helmet
4.5BCheck Price
9.Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Voice - Darth Vader Helmet
4.7CCheck Price
10.Rubie's Adult Star Wars The Force Awakens - Darth Vader Helmet
4.6CCheck Price

1.SPENCE WILDING signed Full Size Darth Vader Mask

darth vader helmet drawing

Production SPENCE WILDING signed Full Size Darth Vader Mask, is a bold decision of the company, the company has produced two products: one for the road performances, the other is the current one, for the wild performances in the mountains.

For this helmet, worn from summer to winter is almost perfect, the company’s new role-playing helmet is a comfortable enjoyment, the helmet is equipped with a built-in winter hat, easy to remove like a hat. In addition, there is an LED light on the back side of the helmet, so you never have to worry about forgetting whether people in the audience can see you.


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2.Star Wars Ep3 Darth Vader Collectors Helmet

darth vader voice changer helmet

Want a Star Wars Ep3 Darth Vader Collectors Helmet for commuting shows to help you become a star in the minds of many people? The POC’s answer is to choose this helmet. This helmet comes with an integrated built-in light that flashes brightly on your stage for a show, and the built-in lights dim when you are about to finish the show.

There are rumors that the turn signals are also within the design scope, but Corpora with smart lights will meet with you next fall. Note: This helmet may make you look (perhaps even feel) like a robot, or that kind of sweeping robot.



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3.Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

darth vader black series helmet

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet is a new helmet manufacturer for the American helmet market. The company participates in the US International Actor Show with several new helmets designed for all types of performers. Taking into account all levels.

The most interesting is a mid-range helmet with built-in LED taillights, so you can effortlessly ensure that your play gets the attention of most people. The matte black or burgundy helmet color scheme is very urban style. The helmet’s simple and clean appearance is very stylish.


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4.Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Helmet

darth vader welding helmet

If you don’t like streamlined equipment, you can ignore this recommendation, but Star Wars The Black Series – Darth Vader Helmet’s latest Podium camouflage printed helmet must say. Launched in early 2017, the helmet comes with built-in eyeglasses and ChromaPop lenses to help you see the road situation more safely as you play. (It’s really useful.

We spent a few minutes wearing this helmet’s eyeglasses to look at the ground and found that the colors look really saturated.) Although the glasses are magnetized for easy picking, they are not stuck in the helmet at all. on. This streamlined helmet does not look clumsy like other similar helmets. With MIPS technology, are you ready to buy it?

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5.Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask

black series darth vader helmet

Simply put, the Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask and the previous punk print are too cool. Helmet uses a classic movie complex Foray helmet design and MIPS, Giro directly with its design and bad label company, and designed a series of hats, socks and helmets, pay tribute to all the beautiful punk culture of the 90s: Nirvana, Science fiction and tape. Design a classic helmet in a simple yet great way.



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6.Star Wars Men’s Boba Fett MaskDarth Vader Helmet

efx darth vader helmet

Star Wars Men’s Boba Fett Mask – Darth Vader Helmet? As a result of the new smart materials, the company has developed a helmet that can be used to modify the size of the program at any time.

It is suitable for children playing in amateur and urban home users. The color of the helmet is matte black. Can maintain the interests of non-professionals. The materials used in the helmet can disperse the impact force. Yes, it can basically be “self-healing.” Recommended by many friends

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7.Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet 

darth vader helmet coloring page

For those who hate bright yellow security MIPS lining, the long wait for better looking colors can end. This company has just launched an upgraded version of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet, which is very popular.

This helmet not only provides internal plastic protection, but also uses a layer of EPS with different density to help better handle the impact. In addition, the bright matte black color (with pink MIPS lining) makes the helmet smooth and stylish


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8.Darth Vader Helmet 2 Piece Star Wars Helmet

darth vader helmet replica

Darth Vader Helmet 2 Piece Star Wars The coolest part of Helmet’s latest innovation in smart technology is the heart rate monitoring sensor on the forehead. Helmet removes the chin strap that allows the actors to sweat, gets rid of the tangle of headphones, or lets you constantly look for the inconvenience of your smartphone.

You basically feel like an astronaut, but you are on a bicycle. The price is also very civilian.



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9.Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren VoiceDarth Vader Helmet

darth vader helmet vector

The company’s new show prop helmet was launched a year ago, but Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Voice was finally available to the public.

This product can be used in most non-professional competitions and can be transformed into a full-face helmet for individual home use by simply installing and screwing in parts in a few simple steps.

The device also equipped with earmuffs and suitable for MIPS, but the chintray sold separately. If you are not a part-time role-playing actor, you still want to have the opportunity to practice professionally. This helmet is a good choice.


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10.Rubie’s Adult Star Wars The Force Awakens Darth Vader Helmet

darth vader helmet outline

Smart helmets have nothing to do with smart phones. With this Rubie’s Adult Star Wars The Force Awakens, you can make your helmet fully connected to the phone (whether good or bad), you can communicate with other actors through intercom. In addition, helmet cameras are also available.

With helmet cameras, you can record your cycling without having to carry a bulky camera. The current price of this helmet is very civilian, and many functions have not yet been achieved, but the basic class has already met with everyone.

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How to make the helmet quiet?

That’s right, it’s aerodynamics. The helmet is quieter as the shape of the helmet eases the airflow. The world’s quietest helmets are basically made by big brands. Such as Schuberth in Germany. The German company is also the only helmet manufacturer with a wind tunnel at its headquarters. Japan’s Shoei may be second, and the company also relies heavily on wind tunnel testing and even has its own test model.

The purpose of all aerodynamic studies is to determine the best way to deal with turbulence, which is the main reason for noise generation.

Turbulence may be caused by anything that disrupts the flow of air, such as a gap in the visor cover, a huge outside vent, or even your chin. This is exactly the complexity of helmet aerodynamics.Many of these materials are similar to Liquid Soap Dispensers. If you want to learn more about Liquid Soap Dispensers, we recommend reading this article:Best Liquid Soap Dispensers Reviews.

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